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Tetra Pro Cory Wafers are a great treat for your bottom feeders


You may find it hard to find one food to feed everything in your tank, especially if you have bottom feeders. Tetra Pro Cory Wafers make sure your cory catfish, loaches and other omnivore bottom dwellers have a nutritionally complete daily meal.

These 2-in-1 sinking wafers go right to the bottom to give a plant-based food that also features a shrimp-enriched core. Nearly 50% of the wafer contains crude protein and is loaded immune-boosting nutrients.

The only downside may be, they are big and maybe meant to be a community meal. Each wafer is around 16-19mm in diameter and about 4mm thick. Tetra also calls this a clear water formula, which helps it from dissolving too quickly. They do come in a resealable bag in 2.12 oz. and 5.29 oz. versions that retail for around $5.99 and $9.99 respectively.

Aquatop AC/DC-One Aquarium Air Pump is a battery operated backup


Having water movement and air exchange is key when the power goes out and having a DC-powered backup pump is a good investment. The Aquatop AC/DC-One Aquarium Air Pump is one of the many portable backup oxygen source for your fish tank during an AC power failure or if you’re moving or will have your fish out of your tank for an extended period.

There is an cord that plugs into an outlet, but it doesn’t power the pump. Instead it just detects when the power goes out. When it does, it kicks on the battery power to deliver air to the tank via tubing and an airstone.

The Aquatop AC/DC-One Air Pump comes with a 23 in. air line, air stone, and an AC power failure sensor that automatically switches to battery operation if the power goes out. It does run on a pair of D batteries that you will have to buy separately. MSRP is $21.99 but there can be found for $15 and under online.

Pisces USA Betta Aquarium Jewels are a fun way to add color


Pisces USA Betta Aquarium Jewels are a fun way to add some color to your aquarium. The Betta Aquarium Jewels are made from recycled glass, tumbled and polished like beach glass, that adds color to your aquarium.

Despite the name, they’re great for tanks besides Betta aquarium — a small aquarium, goldfish bowl or anywhere else you’re looking for a fun substrate. Since they are glass, they’re inert and won’t change the water chemistry.

These are available in six colors — emerald, ruby, ruby swirl, sapphire, winter frost and violet — to give you a few options to create a unique look. The Aquarium Jewels retail around $6.95 for a 17 oz. bag.

EcoBio-Block EcoBio-Stone Has Beneficial Bacteria Embedded in Volcanic Rock


The EcoBio-Block EcoBio-Stone with Beneficial Aquarium Bacteria combines beneficial bacteria and a great place for them to grow to deliver beneficial biological filtration.

These are made from highly porous Japanese volcanic that are also full of minerals that will provide plenty of surface area for bacteria to grow. But, it takes it a step further and is embedded with beneficial natural bacteria spores that only germinate when organic waste is present in the water.

The bacteria aids in breaking down waste to accelerate the nitrogen cycle. Calcium and trace minerals are also slowly leeched into the water from the stone to create a healthy environment that requires minimum maintenance.

They come in two sizes — small and medium — and retail for $13 for the small and $21 for the medium. A small stone treats 8 to 16 gallons and medium stone treats 15 to 40 gallons. You can easily add more as needed if you have a larger tank.

Just put these into the aquarium, or tuck away in a filtration chamber or sump.

Add Air Flair with Aqueon Flexible Bubble Wand


Air stones are a great way to keep good oxygen exchange as well as adding some flair to your aquarium, but if you’re tired of being stuck with the traditional bars, circles or other rigid air stones, check out the Aqueon Flexible Bubble Wand that adds air and accent lighting.

The flexible wand allows you to shape the airflow letting you contour around aquascaping or objects in your tank. The addition of LED lights to the bendable wand gives you even more fun options.

The Aqueon Flexible Bubble Want comes in three sizes in 7 in. increments — 7 in., 14 in. and 21 in. lengths — retailing for around $12 to $20. Each one comes with a 10 ft. power cord and suction cups. You could also secure this with zip ties or clear fishing line in areas where the suction cups won’t work.

Fluval Mini Master Test Kit


The new Fluval Mini Master Test Kit has everything you’ll need to ensure you can accurately measure they key parameters of your aquarium.

The kit contains tests for testing of PH, Ammonia, Nitrite, Nitrate, and Phosphate. Designed to make testing and reading pretty straightforward and easy, allowing you to be able to have better understanding of your water quality.

The kit contains 1 bottle of pH test reagent, 3 reagents for testing ammonia, three reagents for nitrate testing and nitrites along with a pipette and two glass test tubes and instruction books.

The Fluval Mini Master Test Kit retails around $50.

Tuck the light away with Marineland Hidden LED Light Sticks


Marineland Hidden LED Light Sticks are a way to add light to a tank without having a big old lighting fixture placed on top or hanging over the tank. The light sticks are fully submersible and designed to be attached to the edge of the aquarium frame.

The in-frame mounting allows you to see the light without seeing the fixture and to help with the clean look, an integrated cord routing helps keep that neatly tucked away as well. You can position the light by using the directional adjustment dial on the side.


Each LED Stick features White & Blue and Blue Only light modes and comes in three sizes, an 8 in., 13 in. and 20 in. version. The 8 in. and 13 in. sticks include one light, but the 20 in. version includes two 10 in. sticks that connect via a power cord.

The Marineland Hidden LED sticks retail for $24.99 for the 8 in. version designed for 10g tanks, the 13 in. retails for $29.99 and designed for 20g ad the 20 in. retails for $34.99 and designed for 55g tanks.

Get your little ones hooked with Tetra’s “My First Aquarium”


Many of us got our start in the hobby from childhood and while it can be a bit expensive to go all out for a system, only to find your kids lose interest, Tetra’s My First Aquarium is a good option to get started without breaking the bank.

This perfect starter kit is an 18 liter glass aquarium (just under 5 US gallons) that has everything you’ll need to get started including the tank, fun background, a fake plant, gravel, light and lid, and Tetra EasyCrystal filter with two cartridges.

It also includes a guide to keeping an aquarium designed for kids and features samples of with TetraMin food and Tetra AquaSafe water conditioner to get you started. The only think you may need is a small aquarium heater if you plan on keeping tropical fish.

Tetra’s “My First Aquarium” is available in the UK and retails for around £34.99.



R2 Target Fish Feeder helps feed your shy fish


If you have some shy fish, or possibly some aggressive eaters that leave the rest behind, the R2 Target Fish Feeder might be a good option. This R2 target feeder wand has a little pocket you can put your flake, pellet or frozen food in, position it where you want to go and push the button to release.

The R2 comes in a 16 in. length but has a 7 in. extension to make it just under 24 in. for deeper tanks. The thumb release button makes it easy to get in position without losing the entire payload. Just get it in the area you want — near a cave or rock or anywhere your fish are hanging out — and push to feed.

After a bit of practice, you can get the chamber to open part way to let out a little bit of food at a time.

The R2 Target Fish Feeder retails around $20.

Neo Air Aquarium Air Pump Mini and Midi


The Neo Air Aquarium Air Pump Mini by the UK’s interpret aquatics is a small, quiet and discreet air pump for small or nano aquariums and anyplace you need to add a little bit of air to your water.

The Neo Air Mini gives you air without a diaphragm, which is pretty cool, by using ‘electrical oscillation technology’ for ultra quiet and maintenance free pump. In fact, it can drive a 1 x 1 in. airstone while being able to tuck it away out of the way.

There are multiple ways to mount these. You can tuck them away inside an quarium cabinet, stuck to the side of the glass or acrylic with a suction cup or just placed out in the open. They are pretty small, and modern looking, unlike the traditional air pumps making it a good option for small, modern cubes.

These are available in the UK and we’re hoping to see them in North America shortly. They are available in two sizes, the Mini for tanks up to 25 liters and the Midi for tanks up to 50 liters and retail for around £17.99 (around $24 USD) for the Mini and £23.99 (around $32 USD) for the Midi.