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Pure Water Pebbles Bio-Activ Live African Cichlid Aquarium Substrate


Pure Water Pebbles Bio-Activ Live African Cichlid Aquarium Substrate is a great option for creating an African rift lake environment for your fish, plus getting the benefits of live bacteria to boost and kickstart the biological filter.

The unique look of this aquarium substrate was designed specifically to simulate the bed of an African rift lake, but can also be used for other aquascapes as well. The substrate range in size from 1.2 to 1.77 mm for the white and black granules and 6-8 mm for the larger “rift lake” granules.

This also uses the company’s Bio-Activ nutrient-enriched material, that contains live bacteria (heterrotophic, autotrophic and chemolithotrophic bacteria) that quickly stabilizes while aiding in eliminates nitrogenous waste. The substrate also helps maintain a proper pH level maintain proper (pH 7.8-8.5) and buffering capacity. The natural aquarium substrate also helps keep essential inorganic elements up to par, helping with overall quality.

A 20 pound bag retails around $25.

New Tetra Cleaning Bacteria keeps your aquarium cleaner


Tetra Cleaning Bacteria is the latest addition to the company’s water care regimen as part of the company’s Essential Water Care line.

Made for monthly use, the Tetra Cleaning Bacteria works to keep your aquarium and gravel clean. It contains live bacteria with a dual function to reduce sludge and boost biological filter performance to remove ammonia and nitrite. It is designed to be used monthly.

The Essential Water Care line is a 3-step process you can do every month, to create a healthy and thriving environment. Basically it is: Condition. Clean. Balance.

This is step 2 of the essential care routine. Clean your tank by replenishing good bacteria that work to break down toxins within your aquarium. Cleaning bacteria will also clean your gravel, giving your aquarium that clean, healthy glow you had when you started.

An 8 oz bottle retails around $10.

JBJ Bottom-Lit Betta Aquarium Review


The JBJ Bottom-Lit Betta aquarium is a neat looking small vessel for betta fish. Its a .75 gallon tank that comes in blue, red, green or black that features a battery operated color-changing LED light in the base.

The light shines up through the tank and is reflected off of clear gem-like acrylic substrate. It also features a curved dome that covers the tank but has some gaps on the side to allow air to flow through.

One nice thing with this tank, is its a thick durable acrylic that is very clear. Unlike other tanks that are a cheap, thin layer of plastic that can easily crack. The LED needs 3 AAA batteries and features a switch to turn it on and off.

We used this one to house a betta for a few weeks before we decided to opt for a larger tank. Overall, this is a cute starter tank, but after a while, you’ll probably want to convert to a larger tank.

Eheim vivalineLED is a nice, modern looking aquarium


EHEIM vivalineLED is a new freshwater aquarium that comes in four different sized and a variety of colors. The company notes, “its straightforwardness more likely reminds to Bauhaus architecture, unfussy and timelessly modern.”

The new EHEIM vivalineLED comes in 126, 150, 180 or 240 liters sizes and is a complete kit featuring EHEIM LED lighting, cabinet, filter, heater and biological filter media. The 150 liter aquarium stands out of the series of EHEIM vivalineLED combinations by its design – with 60 cm of width and 50 cm depth it is almost square.

There are three main designer colors of cabinets — anthracite, oak grey and white. To help make sure the tank fits in with your interior design, there is a replaceable decorative board creating a variety of color options. The decorative boards come in trendy pops of color like bordeaux, candy, lemon, sky and urban – a lighter grey tone.

The energy-efficient LED lighting is adjustable to fit your needs and spread and includes the Eheim filter and heater.

We haven’t seen the new vivalineLED tanks in the US yet, but they are available in Europe and the UK and retail from around £340.00 to £499.00.

Activ-Betta Bio-Activ Live Aqueous Solution Betta Water creates balanced environment for bettas


Beneficial bacteria in products like additives or sand is a good way to provide denitrifying bacteria to turbo charge your nitrogen cycle and now there is a way to do this during a water change. Activ-Betta Bio-Activ Live Aqueous Solution Betta Water is a water that contains denitrifying bacteria and trace elements to provide a strong boost for your betta fish.

According to the company, it delivers “the only complete, instantly balanced and safe environment for your little finned friend.” The water contains no chlorines or chloramines and cycles instantly so there’s no waiting–just change the water and add fish.

While this is geared towards bettas that are commonly sold with smaller tanks with little to no filters, this could also be a handy way to skip the tapwater and chlorine and chloramine removers and go straight for the bottle of water. For optimum results, Activ-Betta recommends changing your betta’s water every 8-11 days.

The water comes in 1 liter bottles that retail for just under $4.

The Continuum Aquatics AquaBlade is one of the best aquarium scrapers around


Continuum Aquatics AquaBlade is one of the better aquarium scrapers we’ve seen around. To start, the solid carbon fiber handle gives you strength and flex to be able to really leverage it when you are cleaning without breaking or bending like other tools.

Overall, it feels solid and was designed so the plastic handle or any part will not take on water, allowing most of it to roll off rather than creating a wet mess when you pull it out of the tank.

If you have an acrylic tank, you know how easy it can be to scratch and you don’t want to mar the surface when you are cleaning. Continuum uses a polymer blade to prevent this. It is designed to wear away first vs. your acrylic. This means if you are scraping a tough spot, a normal PVC or ABS blade would just scratch the tank, now the blade will give first saving you from some serious “OH *bleep*!” moments. They also feature stainless steel blades for your glass tanks.

Overall a solid product and affordable too — starting out around $11 or so for the smaller handheld versions and around $25-30 for the 35 in. version.

Create a unique aquascape with Pisces USA Seiryu aquarium rock


If you are looking to create a unique aquascape but are bored with the typical rocks you see, then check out the Pisces USA Seiryu Aquarium Rock. Designed to build Amano-style aquascapes, the Seiryu Aquarium Rock are hand selected and crafted to mimic miniature rock formations.

Planted Iwagumi aquascapes are breathtaking, but mimicking those rock formations that look as if they are mini mountains can be tough. These rocks take the hassle out of the hunt that are safe for fish, shrimp and most plants.

These are made of natural stones that they state are safe for shrimp and some plants, with minimal changes to your water chemistry. Each 17-pound bag comes with an assortment handpicked and sculpted rocks of assorted sizes and shapes for a unique look.of sizes and shapes for a one-of-a-kind look.

A bag of Pisces USA Seiryu aquarium rock retails for around $40.



Fluval Pure M Aquarium and Stand put the lid on filtration


The Fluval Pure M Aquarium and Stand are a unique aquarium that puts the filtration out of sight in the lid for a clean and modern look. The Pure M is a 12-gallon cube that includes an Askoll rolling filtration system to automatically advance the filter media when it becomes clogged.

From what we can gather, it appears as if Fluval has brought in the Askoll line of tanks into its arsenal, since similar tanks from the Italian company have been available for a while. As we mentioned, the rolling filter keeps things clean and does it automatically and signals you when its time to replace the main filter materials.

Overall the tank has a four-stage filter (mechanical, fine, chemical, and biological), and pump that turns the water over six times an hour, and the lighting system under the lid so it doesn’t really obstruct your view.

The Fluval Pure M Aquarium also includes LED lights with programmable timer, Askoll Thermal 100W Heater, and a cable wrap to keep your cables tidy. The aquarium and matching stand are available in red, white, and black high-gloss finishes and retail for around $300.

V2O Foods Fresh Krill is frozen and never cooked


When V2O Foods Fresh Krill frozen fish food says fresh, they mean it. The frozen food is never cooked and is flash frozen and gutloaded krill to give your carnivorous fish maximum flavor and nutrition.

Krill is naturally loaded with antioxidants and carotenoid pigments to support overall health and vibrant coloration. This recipe features Antarctic Krill Superba that is also gut-loaded with marine phytoplankton for added nutritional value.

And since the Krill Frozen Fish Food is individually quick frozen, you can easily feed one krill at a time for maximum feeding convenience.

A 4 oz. package retails for around $6 USD.

Koval LED Aquariums Lights are simple lights from a strange company


When browsing around the internet looking for interesting products to share, we came across Koval LED aquarium Lights and we have to say, these lights are from one of the more eclectic companies we’ve come across in the industry.

We’re used to Chinese knock off products and LED lights are one of those types of products. At first glance, the Koval LED aquarium lights look intriguing — multicolor LEDs, slim profile, good price — so we start digging. We find the company’s website and see some other items, like pumps and bio balls, then we start seeing shaved ice machines, luggage, motorcycle helmets and more.

Looks like the company has a line on products from overseas and offers them to its shoppers — feels more like a QVC than an online pet store.

The lights themselves have a pretty high review on Amazon, and for $50 you get a decent looking light that fits over a 24 in. aquarium. It has the typical features, touts a full-spectrum, controllable light, moonlight mode, extendable brackets, thin aluminum housing and gobs of LEDs — 78 in fact:

  • Blue LEDs: 6pcs (460nm, 0.1W)
  • Pink LEDs: 4pcs (465nm, 0.1W)
  • White LEDs: 62pcs (8000K,0.1w)
  • Red LEDs: 4pcs (625nm, 0.08W)
  • Green LEDs: 2pcs (500nm, 0.97W)

But overall if you add up the Watts, you’re looking at about 10-12W of LED output that should be more than plenty for a non planted tank and might be good for a simple planted tank, but probably wouldn’t put it over a reef tank.

For the price, its worth a look and to see if maybe you can also get a nice new set of luggage too.