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Texas Aquarium and STEM center Engage in Academic Partnership


Texas state aquarium entered into an agreement on academic partnership with Flint Hills Resources Center for Excellence in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. Recently signed pact will greatly benefit engineers, scientists, technology experts, and educators working for both Texas aquarium as well as STEM center, an academic institution with stellar reputation. STEM center and Texas state marine exhibit are planning to exchange their expertise in ecology, conservation and marine diversity. Director of Education and Conservation at Texas state aquarium believes that their number of students will double in the upcoming year. Aquarium in Texas plans distance learning programs in aquatic science and marine research. Scientists and researchers of STEM center will cooperate with future endeavors of Texas marine center.
Prime focus of this aquarium situated in America’s second largest city will be on early childhood and family education. Their current teacher curriculum meets state syllabus of American high school students. Official website of Texas aquarium gives comprehensive information about upcoming programs, research activities, cooking classes and wide variety of marine species featured here. Multitude of marine educational activities aimed at public awareness tops the priority list of Texas aquarium officials. They are very keen on promoting stealth learning in the field of fisheries science.
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Hurricane Causes Damage to Bermuda Aquarium


Hurricane Gonzalo caused heavy damage to Bermuda Aquarium, museum and zoo. All animals in the zoo are safe and staff members are pursuing all possible avenues to open the facility as soon as possible. “We came through fairly well. All the animals seem fine and all the people seem exhausted”, says principal curator of Bermuda aquarium. Roof of Bermuda aquarium tore as a result of disastrous hurricane Gonzalo and its marine exhibit tanks overflowed. Renovation work at Bermuda aquarium has been started on war foot. Their staffs are staying overnight to finish aquarium renovation work as soon as possible. Alligator, flamingo, and Galapagos tortoise at Berlin zoo had to find outside enclosures as a result of dreaded hurricane. It is a well known fact that animals get sensitive and anxious during the times of natural calamities and the situation was not different in Bermuda aquarium too.
A heron at Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo (BAMZ), got seriously injured in hurricane. Flooding, power outages and falling down of trees occurred in different parts of Bermuda as a consequence of Gonzalo. It is reported that world nations including USA, UK and other European countries offered their support to Bermuda Government in tackling natural calamity. Hurricane Gonzalo occurred in Bermuda points to the importance of taking effective measures of natural calamity crisis management.

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Townville National Sea Simulator Rockets into Prominence


Townsville National Sea Simulator rockets into prominence and fame as the smartest aquarium in the world. It has many exquisite features which can’t be found in any aquarium of the universe. Credit of this unique achievement goes to Craig Humphrey, Manager of Townsville National Sea Simulator. It offers a miniature view of a wealth of species including coral, sponges, crabs and sea snake. Starfish is the special marine attraction of National Sea Simulator, Townsville. Manager of this well known aquarium narrates star fish as an amazing creature. Success saga of Townsville aquarium is a testimonial to the leadership skills of Manager Craig Humphrey. Reef passionate urban population of this Queensland city will enjoy Townsville marine exhibit in its entirety. Craig is dreaming of a day when his children and grand children watch Sea simulator in the same condition.
National Sea Simulator will enable Australian marine scientists to recreate ocean conditions. It was recently inaugurated by Australian minister for industries and Senator of Queensland. Sea Sim will help in better understanding of ocean warming, acidification, marine pollution and outbreak of diseases in water. Townsville aquarium continues to hold its position as the hub of Australian marine scientists. This world class marine facility is a real pride for Australia, the land of enchanting natural beauty.

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Virginia Aquarium Releases Three Rehabilitated Sea Turtles


Virginia aquarium released three rehabilitated sea turtles at the ocean front. Three turtles named Loki, Lex Luther, and Wolverine are back swimming in open waters. Virginia aquarium stranding response team took major initiative to release these rare marine species. All three turtles will be monitored via satellite receivers. Wolverine came to the Virginia aquarium with severe head injury and he got a new lease of life now. It was found floating by a Tangier island fisherman. Each turtle will be tracked with pit tags, a similar entity to microchips and acoustic tags. Fluid therapy and medication saved Loki from physical ailments including pneumonia. According to aquarium officials, gender of young turtles is not yet determined. Veterinary doctors have done everything possible to treat these three rehabilitated sea turtles.
Wolverine, Loki and Lex Luther were released into open waters at October 20. Acoustic tags are part of each and every marine project implemented in major aquariums and Virginia aquarium too is not an exception. Loki belongs to Kemp’s ridley species and it is listed as an endangered species by National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Releasing of sea turtles under the patronage of Virginia Aquarium turned out to be a great public event. Virginia marine exhibition center has recovered 216 stranded turtles this year.


Commonwealth Athletes Pay Visit to Macduff Aquarium


Antigua and Barbuda commonwealth team visited Macduff aquarium recently to thank support given by them. As a part of athlete felicitation ceremony, Macduff marine exhibit arranged an Antiguan fish exhibit. A signed photograph of Caribbean athletes was given to aquarium authorities of Macduff. Athletic team members were really happy to view press clippings about the support offered by this Scottish marine exhibition hall. Photographs of Caribbean team visit to Macduff became a stupendous hit in social media vehicles including Facebook. Aquarium manager said, “We were so chuffed that Mr Ross (Volunteer for Caribbean team) thought to show the Antiguan team the press cutting about our little fish tank-it was great to know they heard about efforts to cheer them on and were pleased about it”.
Antigua and Barbuda team had competed in boxing and cycling events of Commonwealth games. Support provided by Macduff aquarium was an inspiring experience to Antigua and Barbuda team members. North Scotland aquarium had backed Caribbean team as a part of “support a second team initiative”. Antiguan fish is the first tropical fish displayed in Macduff marine exhibition center. Grahame Ross, a resident of Turriff, acted as the single point of contact between Macduff aquarium and Antigua players during thanksgiving occasion.

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Clearwater Marine Aquarium Begins Porpoise Saving Campaign


Clearwater marine aquarium in Florida launches a campaign to save near extinct porpoises. Zoo officials are busy with chalking out an effective strategy to save the vaquita, a rare species of porpoise which lives in Mexican territory. National Academy of Science report says that vaquita is the most endangered marine species in the world. Small porpoises in Mexico are getting trapped in fishnets used by fishermen in that region. Hence, Clearwater marine aquarium officials felt the necessity of introducing a porpoise saving campaign. Apart from this, they plan to feature pathetic condition of dolphins in TV shows like Good Morning America. Clearwater aquarium intends to build research partnership with other institutions towards achieving the goal of porpoise saving.
Vaquita often gets accidentally caught by fishermen who use nets to catch totoba fish. According to Bob Talbot, a marine photographer, “We have an opportunity to take meaningful action and stop the extinction of an animal. It is a rare opportunity”. It is a well known fact that vaquita lives in the northern part of Gulf of California in Mexican territory. Dolphin Tale movie fans are urged to go to the website of Clearwater marine aquarium and sign a petition which will be sent to Mexican President. It is learnt that Mexican Government is considering the ban of fish nets in the porpoise habitat.

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Peggy Sloan Elected to Association of Zoos and Aquariums


Peggy Slogan, Fort Fisher Aquarium Director has been selected into Association of Zoos and Aquariums Board of Directors. It is perceived that Peggy’s leadership skills and extensive industry knowledge will be beneficial for Association. She has wide ranging experience in all aspects of Zoo management including accreditation, ethics, animal welfare and conservation. Species protection, educational field trips, and marine life awareness are the primary objectives of Association of Zoos and Aquariums in which Peggy is a Director. Mrs. Peggy is thrilled in becoming a part of Association of Zoos and she says, “I believe aquariums and zoos lay a foundation and provide a gateway for people to connect with and discover nature”.
Sloan has more than twenty five years of experience in conservation education, business management, science and collaborative partnership. She holds a masters degree in science from University of North Carolina. Peggy Sloan has previously served on AZA’s Conservation Education Committee and Annual Program and Aquarium Affairs Committee. Fort Fisher aquarium director had completed leadership training program from Ross Business School, Harvard. It is believed that Peggy Sloan’s leadership skills will take Association of Zoos and Aquarium to new heights of excellence. Association of Zoos and Aquariums is a nonprofit organization dedicated to zoo conservation, animal welfare and marine education.

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Kamo Aquarium and Berlin Zoo to Join Hands Together


A renowned Japanese aquarium named Kamo and Berlin zoo plan to set up a partnership together by the end of 2014. Kamo was previously featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for its jellyfish exhibit. These two aquariums plan to exchange their marine creatures on a mutual agreement. Jellyfish breeding made Kamo aquarium well famous all across the length and breadth of the globe. It is estimated that about five lakh people visited Kamo aquarium in between the time frame June 2014 to September 2014. Berlin aquarium officials are keen to learn more about jellyfish breeding techniques employed at Kamo. Mutual partnership is a great opportunity for Kamo aquarium employees to study specialties of European jellyfish.
“We are very proud that the world’s best aquarium chose our small regional aquarium as a partner”, says Director of Kamo. Authorities of both zoos are working out details officially to sign partnership agreement. Berlin zoological garden is referred as one of the largest zoos in the entire world. Osamu Shimomura, 2008 Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, is serving as an honorary director of Kamo aquarium. Number of visitors in Kamo aquarium increased significantly after the jellyfish exhibit began. Increasing business performance through jellyfish demonstration became a reality in this Japanese zoo. Partnership between Kamo and Berlin zoos will benefit fisheries science innovations significantly.

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Camden Aquarium Celebrates Penguin Awareness Day


Camden aquarium celebrated penguin awareness day in a festive mood during October 11-13. It is dedicated to raise funds for protecting African black footed penguin, a rare species on the verge of extinction. During African Penguin Awareness Weekend, aquarium guests got opportunity to watch some African penguins swimming and dancing. A lot of “penguin centric” activities are the major attraction of this year’s awareness day. Penguin close up sessions, live chat with biologists, painting demonstration and bird adoption program are specialties of Penguin awareness day. Number of African penguin population decreased dramatically in the previous decade and penguin awareness day gains momentum at this juncture. Special Survival Program initiated by Association of Zoos and Aquariums became a successful venture in conserving penguin.
South African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds played a pivotal role in protecting endangered varieties of African penguin. Adventure aquarium has successfully bred nineteen African black footed Penguin chicks. A group of penguins were rehabilitated into their natural habitat as a part of Penguin festival. Live cooking demonstration by a well known cook, poem on African penguin, snake show, bird demonstration and spider exhibit added elegance to Penguin Awareness Day of this year. Festival visitors got a rare opportunity to take pictures with ambassador penguin of South African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds. Penguin Awareness Day retained its glory as a great and colorful event. 2014 Penguin Day had the biggest turnout in the history of this spectacular exhibition.

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New Learning Centre Opened in Tampa Aquarium


Tampa aquarium recently opened a well equipped learning and research centre at a whopping cost of two million dollar. This project has been in the pipeline for years and it will offer a renewed outlook to Tampa marine exhibit. As the aquarium is entering its twentieth year of operation, learning and research centre launching gains special significance. A conference and event center is planned as a part of the Tampa aquarium expansion plan. The new research center has been named as Carol J and Barney Barnett Learning Centre. As per official records, more than seven lakh people visited this aquarium in the previous year. Five thousand square feet area of learning centre at Tampa sea life center features five classrooms which surround a common space.
It is believed that opening up of Carol J and Barney Barnett Learning Center will give an impetus to fisheries science research domain. Their sea turtles will definitely catch the attention of aquarium visitors especially school going children. This research centre offers facilities that are available only in world class universities including sixty inch mondopad touch screen computer. Convention centre at Tampa aquarium will be suitable for birthday parties, workshops and demonstrations. School teachers from far flung areas of USA came to attend workshops held at Carol J and Barney Learning Center recently. About 12000 school children enrolled in the educational program organized by Tampa aquarium. Indoor decoration of Tampa aquarium research center is simply fabulous and stunning.