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Seoul’s Largest Aquarium Opened Recently


Seoul’s largest aquarium named Lotte World Aquarium has been opened very recently and it features more than fifty thousand marine creatures. This southern Seoul based aquarium is often termed as “Underwater Park in the City”. Lotte takes its visitors to a whole new world that can’t be experienced anywhere else. This aquarium presents different marine creatures including sea lion, jellyfish, and sardines etc. Different zones in Seoul’s biggest aquarium showcase different themes including Korean rivers, tropical rivers, Amazon River and coral reef garden. Two meter long nurse shark is another prominent marine species attraction of Lotte aquatic museum. Beluga whale, sturgeon, penguin and trout are other must-see creatures at this well known marine exhibit. Officials of Lotte believe that aquarium is the place to learn more about marine life and marine inhabitants.
Education specialists, veterinarians, curators and aquarists are made an integral part of educational programs offered here. It includes a presentation on whales, sea lions, penguins, otters as well as sardines. Animated video about beluga whale will be of great interest and curiosity to school going children. Aquariums such as Lotte stress on the importance of protecting sea creatures in a suitable living environment. Top quality life support systems and state of the art equipments are the commendable specialties of Seoul aquarium.

Via[Korea Times]

Parasite Treatment Kills Hundreds of Albuquerque Aquarium Fish


An effort to kill bug at Albuquerque aquarium resulted in the killing of hundreds of fish varieties. One of Albuquerque aquarium employee accidentally poisoned a tank at Bio Park which took the life of fish. It is not clear whether they used excessive amount of parasite treatment chemical. Manager of Albuquerque aquarium said, “Nobody wants to see a dead fish in an aquarium. It is really a sad situation”. They had a bad parasitic problem in their Atlantic coral reef tank for several months. Aquarium had earlier used a chemical called praziquantel and after that they used a slightly different chemical. Employees of Albuquerque noticed the problem after the usage of dylox. Blue tang fish, French grunts and Caribbean fish are among the marine species which faced tragic end.
Although dylox is very commonly used in the aquarium industry, it can have different effects on different tanks. Aquarium authorities said the fish could have died because they are so weak from the parasites. Most of the killed fish items belong to the common Caribbean fish category. An investigation is currently underway to figure out what exactly caused the death of fish at Albuquerque. It is believed that dosage of parasite treatment chemical was too much and it resulted in life loss of fish.
Via [KRQE News 13]

Wynne Powell’s Wildlife Photos Big Hit among Vancouver Aquarium Visitors


Wildlife photos captured by Wynne Powell, President of London Air Services, became a much talked about discussion among Vancouver zoo visitors. Mr Powell had been a passionate photographer since his school days. His photography exhibition conducted at Vancouver Aquarium attracts many art loving zoo visitors. Wynne Powell is a celebrated professional photographer, image consultant and author. He is the recipient of prestigious British Wildlife Photographic Awards. Powell’s photo exhibition at Vancouver zoo depicts a fantastic tableau of wildlife images. Pictures of animals and birds photographed by Wynne Powell are known for artistic beauty and elegance. Number of visitors at Powell’s photo pavilion continues to grow manifold each and every day. Bright lighting pattern and well balanced display conditions distinguish his photographs from the rest.
Wynne Powell has extensive background in commercial/industrial photography. For Mr Powell, photography is a passion, dream, lifeblood and breath. He carries with him rich experience in the fields of advertising, designing, publishing and photographic industries. Frequent visitors of Vancouver aquarium can now get a visual feast by paying a visit to Powell photo exhibition. Witnessing American wildlife moments through the camera lens of Wynne Powell will be an amazing experience which will be alive in the memory shelves of a person forever.
Wynne Powel Wild North America Photo Exhibit, 10/Oct/2014-8/Nov/2014, Vancouver aquarium, 604-659-3400
Via [ Vancouver Sun]

Florida Aquarium Officials to Visit Cuba


Florida Aquarium Federation office bearers will travel to Cuba for discussions with National Aquarium of Cuba representatives. Cuban aquarium is keen about forging a research partnership with their USA counterpart. According to Tom Hall, Chairman of Cuban Foundation, “this is an educational trip”. It is learnt that Cuban and Florida aquarium wants to create relationship on issues of mutual interest including minimizing effects of oil spills and protecting fish varieties. Both these aquariums focus intensively on research as well as public exhibits. A mutual partnership between them would be definitely beneficial in protecting shared marine resources of both geographical territories.
In the pretext of oil spill agreement signed by five countries, Mexico, Bahamas, Jamaica, USA and Cuba, Florida aquarium official visit to Cuba has special importance. USA marine biologists are already cooperating with Cuban countries on research which would reverse the deterioration of coral reefs and prevent overfishing. As per a local business magazine report, Florida aquarium has not stated publicly that they are interested in a research partnership with Cuba. “Water does not know national borders or politics. We can provide them information they need and vice versa”, says Jeffrey Boutwell, Board Member, Latin America Working Group Education Fund.
Via [Tampa Bay Business Journal]

Recently Arrived Sea Otter Dies in Copenhagen Zoo


A newly arrived sea otter named Lora has died at Den Bla Planet, a zoo located in suburbs of Denmark capital Copenhagen. Its death happened only few weeks after being transferred from Alaska Sea Life Centre. It is reported that Lora along with two other animals of the same species had been suffering from tiredness. Bowel obstruction is cited as the reason behind the death of sea otter Lora. According to Copenhagen zoo officials, remaining two sea otters are in good physical condition. Arrival of marine mammals into Copenhagen zoo got great news value as it is the only place in Europe apart from Lisbon aquarium which features this rare species.
Den Bla Planet zookeeper told local newspaper that staff at the aquarium had concerned about the physical condition of otter. General anesthetic inspection did not detect any physical abnormality in sea otter. After the inspection, the otter died on previous Saturday bemoaning animal lovers of Copenhagen. In the meantime, Copenhagen zoo will be sending its two Amur leopards to United States of America as a part of breeding program. Catfish, anaconda, piranha, dwarf crocodiles, village weaver birds and archerfish are some of the rare species varieties portrayed in Den Bla Planet.
Via [The Copenhagen Post]