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Cage Fish Farming in Caspian Hit the Headlines Once Again


Cage fish farming in Caspian once again becomes a controversial topic hitting the headlines of newspapers. “Cage fish farming: Catastrophic or Beneficial” is the current issue which led to heated debates. Some people believe that cage fish farming is unprincipled and catastrophic for the environment. Supporters of cage fish farming opine that it is beneficial in creating number of job opportunities. At present, cage fish farming in coastal areas of Iran is being practiced by a private sector organization. Although many world countries practice cage fish farming, it became a sensitive issue in Iran. According to university professors based in Iran, rainbow trout fish farming in Caspian Sea is non professional and it ignores environmental consequences.
Iran Fisheries Department is the implementation agency of cage fish farming project. Officials of Fisheries Department carefully assess impacts of cage farming on sea ecological balance. As per reports, each cage produces twenty tons of trout fish. A high level meeting of senior representatives of Fisheries and Environmental Departments of Iran were convened recently to discuss all issues pertaining to cage fish farming in detail. Iran Fisheries Department authorities aim to create job opportunities and increase fish production. Necessary permits for carrying out cage fish farming have already been obtained from Iran government agencies. Caspian Sea is the largest enclosed body of water on earth.
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300000 Square Foot Aquaculture Facility Will Come Soon


Hubbs Sea World, a nonprofit research center, has teamed up with an equity firm to construct a 300000 square foot aquaculture facility. If this dream project of Hubbs Sea World becomes a reality, it will be the biggest aquaculture facility in the world. It is located 4.5 miles off the San Diego coast and Rose Canyon Fisheries Project will be able to raise 5000 tons of California yellowtail per year. Hubbs Sea World is rated as the third largest consumer of seafood in the world. As United States depends on other countries for seafood, new aquaculture center gains special importance. It is perceived that opening of Hubbs Sea World aquaculture facility will give new energy to seafood industry.
Many people expressed their surprise over why a nonprofit research institute gets involved in a for-profit business venture. Aquarium industry experts tell that the new facility will serve as a role model for environmentally sustainable offshore aquaculture. Profit generated from fish farm will be used to fund upcoming research project at Hubbs Sea World. It is understood that San Diego aquaculture center project will give great respect for environmental concerns and economic viability. This 300000 square foot facility will be a gift for fish farmers looking for alternative ways. As it nears completion, aquaculture will turn out to be a huge revenue generator of USA.

Rare Freshwater Fish Spotted in Britain


A rare freshwater fish named vendace has been spotted in Cumbrian Lake of Britain. It is known as a relic of the last ice age which was declared locally extinct before decades. Presence of a single young vendace was recorded in the previous year’s annual fish survey of United Kingdom. Everyone involved in the restoration of Bassenthwaite Lake and its multidimensional wildlife is enthusiastic about the finding of adult vendace. The new achievement is a result of unanimous effort carried out by Center for Ecology and Hydrology, Environment Agency and United Utilities. As a part of this project, abundance and composition of fish community is assessed each and every year. It is hundred percent sure that more number of vendace lives in Bassenthwaite Lake.
Researchers are skeptical about persistent sediment problems in the lake due to vendace egg incubation. It is believed that vendace actually survived in Bassenthwaite Lake below the limit of detection for the previous decade. Millions of pounds have already been spent in an effort to conserve this fish species which is rare among the rarest. Bassenthwaite Lake is a beautiful and unique living environment for vendace. Local nutrient enrichment is cited as the major reason behind deterioration of vendace. After many years of waiting, Vendace made a comeback to the lake with a big bang.
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Research Study Records Cichlid Fish Response


A recent research study has indicated the response of cichlid fish on seeing their reflection in mirror. It undermines many past studies of aggression in cichlid. Mirrors were used to record the behavior of animals and birds ever since the beginning of twentieth century. Now, it is scientifically proved that fish species are not reacting to their reflections in the same way as they would react to other fish. The study published in Animal Behavior Journal testifies that reaction of cichlid fish is entirely different while facing a rival fish and seeing their own mirror reflection. According to the research report, cichlid fish tend to swim next to one another in a head to tail configuration. When facing the mirror, this phenomenon will not happen as the fish will keep bumping into the rival.
Author of the research report Robert Elwood told that he likes to compare this kind of behavior to boxers. According to him, scientists generally underestimate cognitive skills of fish species. Robert Elwood’s research report on neural activity of cichlid fish became a focal attraction in 2010. “We have shown that cichlid fish can do logical reasoning. Fish can infer social rank by observation alone. So why should they be fooled by a mirror?” asks Robert.
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Trout Stocking Began in Ottumwa park pond


Iowa Department of Natural Resources started stocking of trout fish in the pond at Ottumwa Park. It is part of an effort to bring trout fishing to urban areas of the state. Trout stocking initiative will be glad news for anglers located in and around southeast Iowa. They will not have to drive longer hours to the cooler streams and jets to catch their preferred fish. New program of Iowa Department of Natural Resources is quite popular with residents of Iowa. Rainbow trout is found in abundance in many parts of Iowa and their large variety is called as retired breeding trout. Many fish catching enthusiasts actively participated in the program organized by IDNR.
“It is something to fish for here. Trout are one of the most sought after fish. This is nice to bring them in and give us the opportunity to fish for them”, says Travis Reeves who belongs to Ottumwa. Youngsters of Iowa engaged in trout stocking program instead of sitting in front of television and video games. It is informed that Ottumwa Parks and Recreation Department will stock an additional collection of two thousand fish. In the next spring, they will stock some large varieties of trout weighing eight or nine pounds.
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Port Royal Maritime Center is Now Fully Functional


Port Royal Maritime Center equipped with a 3000 gallon fish has become a full fledged reality. Construction work spanning three years at Royal Maritime Center recently got completed. Its exhibits feature photos, animal models, displays, and history of the environment through sounds. Life sized replica of albino dolphin snowball is another striking attraction of Port Royal Maritime Center. This dolphin used to swim around St Helena before being displayed and it was put on display at Miami aquarium in 1962. Being featured on the television show “Flipper”, a replica of the dolphin was created. “We want to be that kind of place where we are bringing everyone together and helping them bringing an appreciation for the water”, says Port Royal Sound Foundation Director.

Two million dollar was spent to construct Port Royal Maritime Center. Their funding came from contributions, donations as well as local accommodation tax grants. Port Royal center consists of main exhibit room, rotating exhibits, touch tanks and oyster/ecology room. It is a perfect place to learn how to throw a cast net or best time to catch cobia. Manta ray, pea crab, and red drum fish are major attractions of Port Royal Maritime Center which is known for creating an engaging and exciting educational experience.

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Aquaponics System Developed in Arizona


New Aquaponics system named Flow Garden has been developed in Arizona. It is a perfect combination of aquarium and garden system. Flow Garden is developed by Stephane Herbert Fort (Owner of Local Roots Aquaponics) and Sea Herman (Employee of Local Roots Aquaponics). In Aquaponics, plants are grown without soil and roots are anchored by a medium such as pebbles. Herbert Fort says, “The Flow Garden is a showcase piece of what Aquaponics can do. It was developed as a way for teachers and students to study how Aquaponics work”. Flow Garden is available for sale at premiummap.com and EcoGro store. This new invention allows people to keep fish as pets in an aquarium while growing small plants.
The conversion kit turns an existing ten gallon aquarium into an Aquaponics system. It includes a five gallon tank ready for Aquaponics growing. Leafy greens and herbs are the best plants for Flow Garden Aquaponics system. The strawberry plant yielded by Herbert Fort grew well and tasted great. Recently developed Aquaponics system can be described in one phrase as “gardening that goes with the flow”. Many aquarium hobbyists all over the country already fell in love with this amazing equipment. As the water recycles itself, there is no need to clean Flow Garden Aquaponics system.

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Abilene Local Pet Store Introduces State of the Art Aquarium


Local pet store in Abilene, Texas has introduced a state of the art aquarium where aquatic hobby and technological innovation merge. Aesthetic beauty of aquarium located in Abilene pet store reminds us that days of average fish bowl are over. Aquatic inhabitants in this aquarium will get a chance to experience the joy of swimming in a perfect environment. Three hundred gallon tank at Abilene aquarium can be controlled by their customers with their phones, tablets and computers. Pre equipped technology is the principal attraction of this local store turned Texas aquarium. As the tank can simulate thunderstorms, cloudy days and ocean currents, customers can observe how the fish will behave in different conditions. This aquarium-local store named as Pam’s Pets is located at 3366, North First Street, Abilene.
Pam’s Pets is well known all over Texas for showcasing a twenty first century fish tank. They have been serving Abilene and Big Country urban territories since 1987. Pam’s Pets is an established pet store and has everything needed for a pet. This new achievement is undoubtedly another feather in the cap of Pam’s Pets. As twenty fifth anniversary of Pam’s Pet passed out in 2012, it became one of the most prominent pet store and aquarium in Texas conurbation.

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Oyster is now a Hot Commodity in Virginia


Oyster shells have become a hot commodity in many parts of Virginia leading to a boom in aquarium sector. Aquaculture farmers in Virginia used to sell shells to the state for restoration projects. They are optimistic about the oyster industry of the country than they ever have been. National government declared Virginia as “Oyster Capital of the East Coast” in previous July. It is reported that oyster shell industry in Virginia is now worth about fifty eight million dollar. Phenomenal growth of oyster business in the areas surprises fish farmers of Virginia. Although the supply of shells declined in Virginia, their prices went shooting up. The shells were previously used for roads and foundations. “Shells are the currency of oyster success. In nature, we are never making back enough oysters with big shells because we have oyster diseases in the bay”, says Jim Jesson, head of oyster conservation and replenishment efforts, Government of Virginia.
The cost of a bushel of shells in Virginia increased from seventy five cents to six dollars. It is a well known fact that market shortage of shells occurred in the recent past. Some reports indicate that oyster reef restoration projects will be eligible for federal funding very soon. Seventy five percent of the project will be borne by Federal Government and the rest by state Government. Diseases, habitat loss, pollution and over harvesting made the population of Oyster dwindle.
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Vietnam Approves Fish Farming in Paddy Fields Project


Vietnamese Government has approved a project on fish farming in paddy fields during the period 2014-2015 at an estimated cost of two billion Vietnam dollars. In the previous months, Vietnam Agriculture Department gave assistance to fish farmers growing fingerling. The new project will cover thirty three hectare of land in My Phuoc commune, Hieu Nhon commune and Thanh Hieu commune. Four hundred million VND is the cost of fish farming project focusing on the three abovementioned urban territories. Beneficiary farmers will get fingerlings, thirty percent of feeding costs, and technical guidance. According to agriculture department officials, over thousand hectares of land is available for growing both rice and fish in the country.
Only 180 hectares of land will be used under the flagship project announced by Vietnam national government. This new initiative will definitely revolutionize fish farming sector in Vietnam and it will be a great boon for farmers. Aquaculture farmers in Vietnam are searching for new ways to create sustainable fish farm. Government of this South East Asian country is planning to launch production of native catfish on an industrial scale. Many leading business organizations of Vietnam made their entry into aquaculture business. It is definitely good times ahead for Vietnamese fisheries sector.

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