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Skylights of Detroit’s Belle Isle Aquarium Restored after Sixty Years


Skylights of Detroit’s Belle Isle aquarium were restored after a long gap of sixty years. The skylights were original to the building and they were closed off in 1954 when renovation was performed. It is not clear why managers of Detroit aquarium roofed over the natural skylights years ago. Aquarium officials covered skylights with plywood ever since 1954 and it is understood that huge amount of money was spent for renovation work. Top officials of Detroit aquarium are aware that bringing back skylight will cost thousands of dollars. Skylights provide ventilation apart from natural light to Detroit’s Belle Isle aquarium. Some people believe that skylight will get pretty and stuffy at the aquarium during summer times.
The restoration project is dedicated to Aaron Eliot Fenton. The plaque at Detroit marine center says, “Your light will continue to shine through forever in our hearts” and it is followed by Victor Hugo’s famous quote, “To love beauty is to see light”. Skylight system at this aquarium is an intelligently and aesthetically designed one. They operate on a pull and rope system controlled by metal wheels in a side room. Although the skylight was not turned in for more than fifty years, it is now working perfectly.
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Mark Schafer Named as New Executive Vice President of Georgia Aquarium


Mark Schafer has been named as the new Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer of Georgia aquarium. He had earlier served as Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President of the same organization. It is believed that Mark will lead Georgia aquarium into a new era of diversity and excellence. Mark Schafer is a professional with stellar reputation as chief executive of renowned entertainment and environmental conservation organizations. He had shown tremendous skill in setting financial strategy, setting up fiscal responsibilities and leading large teams wherever he had worked. Current Chairman of Georgia aquarium firmly believes that Mark is well qualified to take up the assignment as COO and Executive VP.
Mark was Director of Finance at one of the world’s best workplaces Walt Disney World. He had an illustrious career at Sea World Orlando for a period of ten years. What Mark Schafer will want to comment about the new assignment? “It is a great privilege and honor to be asked to lead this great organization into the future to grow Bernie and Billi Marcus’ gift to Georgia and the world. We are steadfastly committed to educating and inspiring guests through our care, protection, and conservation of marine mammals”, Mark limits his response.
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Norwalk Aquarium Welcomes Eleven Month Old River Otter


An eleven month old river otter is the new special guest of Norwalk aquarium. Ten year old river otter at Norwalk aquarium and the new member became great friends within a very short time. They were very busy splashing, tumbling and wrestling their way around. It is great fun for visitors of Norwalk aquarium to watch eleven month old Levi and ten year old Lew. “These animals are very social. We may have been able to put them together on day one, but just as a precautionary thing, we slowly introduced them for well being”, says a spokesperson of Norwalk aquarium.
Levi was born at Beardsley zoo in Bridgeport in February. Two otter were placed in separate cages with an empty cage placed in the middle so that they could get acquainted with one another. Otter is among the most popular animals at any aquarium and Norwalk aquarium too is not an exception. Levi is wonderful and cute, said visitors of Norwalk marine exhibition center. Levi’s parents are stationed at the Beardsley zoo and his siblings are being sent to aquarium as a part of cooperative breeding plan. Otter at Norwalk came into limelight as an adorable aquarium and highly popular addition. Sea otter is most active at dawn and dusk.
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Seal at Seattle Aquarium Has Died Following Surgery


A seal named Chewbacca stationed at Seattle aquarium has died following surgery he underwent last week. Chewbacca nicknamed as Chewy in the aquarium was subjected to a surgery for removing mass from gastrointestinal system. Chewy breathed his last on the first week of December, according to a statement from Seattle aquarium. Average lifespan of northern fur seal is 10 to 15 years and Chewy lived up to thirteen years. Born at New York aquarium, Chewbacca got transferred into Seattle marine exhibit in 2014. Only three marine exhibition centers in North American continent display northern fur seal. Aquarium located in Boston and Connecticut feature seal apart from Seattle marine center.
As Chewbacca bids adieu, there are only ten captive northern seal remaining in the universe. Aquarium officials and visitors paid an emotional farewell to their lovable Chewy which was as sweet as his name. After surgery, physical condition of Chewbacca got worse unexpectedly leading to its demise. Chewy remained cooperative during treatment and he never showed any aggression towards caretaker. “Chewy was an amazing animal and he will be missed by everyone”, says an official at Seattle aquarium from the bottom of his heart. He came to Seattle aquarium as a part of an ongoing collaboration with other aquariums.
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Nine Sharks Join Malta National Aquarium


Malta National Aquarium admitted nine sharks belonging to different genres like horn shark, banded hound shark, zebra shark and brown banded bamboo shark. With their entry, Malta marine exhibition center will be housing marine species of 160 fish. It is learnt that the aquarium will release forty cat sharks in January 2015. Malta aquarium is working with nongovernmental organizations to increase public awareness about shark population decline. “With the introduction of these new species, the Malta National Aquarium is working hard to increase the awareness towards conservation and to keep avoiding the stigma these animals have”, says a press release from the marine exhibit. Sharks featured at this southern European aquarium are harmless to human beings. Historical artifacts are another popular attraction of Malta aquarium.
Glass tunnel at Malta aquarium is pretty good to see the sharks and rays swim over the visitors. According to a user opinion listed in a review website, sharks kept here are as brilliant as huge sea spiders. Blue lobster and Chinese spider crabs are other marine attractions of Malta National Aquarium. Horn shark is commonly found in coastal waters of North American continent. Zebra shark is found through the tropical Indo Pacific. The new event is a remarkable event in the history of Malta aquarium that should be printed in golden letters.
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Reef Shark in a Russian Aquarium Suffered Nervous Breakdown


Reef shark in a Russian aquarium suffered nervous breakdown after visitors repeatedly banged the glass. According to a report published in a Moscow based newspaper, reef shark at Kaliningrad zoo is on sedatives after guests banged the glass with their fists. It got really scared after visitor response resulting in damage to her nose and eye. “Our shark was not ready for such attention from the visitors and the persistent tapping of the aquarium glass. By flopping in panic onto the glass walls of the aquarium, she first hit her nose and then one eye”, said press secretary of Russian aquarium. Treatment with antibiotics and sedatives did not produce expected result on the shark’s condition.
Kaliningrad aquarium has now been closed until the reef shark recovers completely. Aquarium visitors were requested not to bang the glass by officials many times. Despite bad health condition, shark’s enclosure was still open to the public very recently. It seems the aquarium visitors became overexcited on seeing the reef shark at Russian aquarium. Visitors were in an effort to capture the attention of reef shark which resulted in total damage. This incident points out to the importance of observing discipline in aquariums, zoos and wildlife conservation centers.
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Norwich Rotary Club Members Tour NFA Marine Lab


Members of Norwich Rotary Club paid a visit to Norwich Free Academy Marine Lab. They donated $850 to the rapidly growing marine science program. Members of Norwich Rotary Club were really excited to see marine creatures like lobster and crab featured at NFA. Delegation of rotary club members including school students are studying all possible causes for decline in lobster population in that area. Team members got excited on seeing a Pacific shore crab about the size of a half dollar coin. Most of the fish tanks in Norwich Free Academy Marine Lab can hold forty five to fifty five liters of water. Their facilities are funded by Norwich Public Utilities. NFA students take oceanology trips to study long Island Sound and Thames River.
Visitors of NFA can learn more about behavior and protective characteristic of marine species. The lab features a rare variety of fish species named gray trigger fish which is found commonly in southern Atlantic coastal waters. It is aggressive as well as sharp toothed. Camouflaged oyster toadfish is another striking marine attraction of Norwich Free Academy Marine Center. According to Norwich Rotarians, marine science program offered by NFA is quite amazing. Many volunteers are working at NFA Marine Lab and its marine education programs. They feed the fish, clean the tanks and check water temperature.
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Cabrillo High School Aquarium Gets Two Big Fish Tanks


Cabrillo High School aquarium recently got a new warm water tank and oval shaped shark tank. Students and staff members of Cabrillo High School are in a festive mood after the arrival of fish tanks. The two tanks have a storage capacity of 750 gallon and 400 gallon respectively. One hundred and fifty students were enrolled in the aquarium project of Cabrillo. As fish tanks of these big sizes are very rare in educational institutions, it is a great achievement for Cabrillo school. This aquarium is completed with financial assistance of $75000 grant received from Coastal Resource Enhancement Fund.
Cabrillo aquarium is now home to eight sharks and some of them measure three feet in length. Two phoenix based companies namely Reef Dynamics and Titan Aquatic Exhibits manufactured aquarium installed at this Californian school. The picture of teachers and students at Cabrillo moving their aquarium got published in some local newspapers. Public will be allowed to visit the aquarium in February month of 2015. For student curators of Cabrillo school, installation of fish tank came as a big surprise. “The kids at this school are so enthusiastic and they are so interested. I have actually been blown away”, says a student curator of the school.
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Giant Murray River Cod Found in Canning Vale Lake


A large size Murray River cod was found in Sanctuary Waters Council Lake in Canning Vale last week. Angling expert Karl Langdon revealed the incident to Radio 6PR. After rumors about fish farming, Murdoch University Fresh Water fish group and the department of fisheries started electro fishing. It is believed that the fish will fetch a fair price and a 20 cm Murray River cod is generally sold for twenty dollars. As per available information there are bigger varieties of Murray cod in stagnant waterways around Perth. Murray River cod eats crayfish, shrimp, water fowl, mammal and other reptiles. An unconfirmed report says that another giant Murray River cod has been spotted near Roe Highway.
The giant Murray River cod had once inhabited the entire Murray Darling river system. Now it is listed as a critically endangered species due to overfishing and habitat degradation. Adult Murray cods regularly reach 80 to 100 centimeters in length. Giant Murray lurking in Sanctuary Waters Council Lake became an urban legend. It is a captivating part of Australia’s vertebrate wildlife. Being the biggest freshwater fish in Australia, Murray cod is known by other names like green fish, Mary river cod, Pondi and Queensland freshwater cod. Murray cod are a common angling target and aquaculture species in coastal areas.
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Seattle Anglers Can Expect a Good Salmon Season


It seems that another good salmon season appears on the way for anglers based in Seattle. “It should be another good fishing for Chinook in 2015 as it was this past year, which saw a new record return”, says the state Fish and Wildlife Manager. The total predicted return of upriver Columbia River fall Chinook in 2015 will be above than that of 2013 and 2014. Coho return in Columbia River in 2014 was much greater than anticipated. The upriver Brights usually migrate to the Hanford reach and Snake River areas. “It’s a mixed bag for Coho, and the lower Columbia Jack didn’t come back as well. The upper Columbia Coho jack return above Bonneville Dam was a record high in 2014, but the early returning stock is made up of unmarked fish”, explains a biologist.
In ocean Coho fisheries, only hatchery marked Coho may be kept. Washington salmon fisheries association arranged follow up public meetings in upcoming April 2015. During the previous year, total angler trips made was 451000 on the Lower Columbia River mouth. Seattle based anglers took home 16000 steelhead and 63000 Coho. Anglers located in Seattle and surroundings hopefully wait for the next salmon season with patience.
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