Myths about Planted Tank


Myth Reality
Plants need soft water Plants can be grown successfully in both soft as well as hard water
Planted tanks will do better with heater cables It is possible to run planted tanks without heater cables even on long term basis
Adding more algae eaters will solve algae issues Algae eaters will be successful in sorting out algae issues only up to an extent. If this issue is not addressed properly, it will turn out to be a hazardous one.
Planted tanks should have low water turnover Scientific evidence suggests that aquatic plants thrive in aquariums with higher level of circulation
Aquarium plants require loads of light If the plants are provided with good nutrients and circulation, they can survive under minimum light conditions too. Many aquarists grow plants with just two T5 fluorescent lamps.
Planted tank needs minimal surface agitation This situation is not true and it can be very dangerous in some circumstances.
Conventional system of aquarium plant growing is best Conventional system of aquarium plant growing is not that bad. It is good to use modern aquarium systems with good lighting, circulation and micro nutrient dosing. Old system of aquarium plant growing works well with plants such as java fern, Amazon swords, and anubias.
Via [Practical Fishkeeping]


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