Basic Aquascaping Principles


Whole process of aquascaping will look pretty simple if certain basic principles are followed. Obtaining balance between scientific principles and imagination is the best way to keep aquascape absolutely fantastic. Simplicity, variety, proportion and persistence are the basic principles usually followed in aquascaping. If all of these facts are taken into consideration, creating a super splendid aquascape pattern will not be difficult.
The first and foremost important thing as far as an aquascape is considered is simply simplicity. An ideal aquascape pattern should be as simple as a straight line. Very often many people try to incorporate many plants in a single aquascape and it would result in visual disaster. So, it is suggested to keep aquascape simple and focused.
Different types of plants can be used in a typical aquascape to make it look stunning. Imagination and creativity plays a major role in elevating an aquascape to the status of a visual attraction.
In order to give an aquarium a harmonious artistic balance, it is necessary to give ample open space. Large leaf plants are not recommended for home aquaria since they take lots of space from the aquarium.
The Japanese proverb “Fall seven times and stand up eight” is applicable to aquascaping too. Deconstruct and reconstruct aquascape until it becomes a perfect and elegant attraction.
Via [Aquascaping Love]


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