Chennai Residents Find Aquascaping as a New Way to Rejuvenate


Residents of Chennai, one of India’s four metropolitan cities, find aquascaping as a new way to unwind. People staying in this great city of unique cultural heritage are really passionate about underwater gardening. According to them, aquascaping is a hobby which needs time and money, but really worth. Aquascaping fans in Chennai find the hobby more interesting than owning an aquarium on their own. “You feel like you are working on a piece of art”, says a city based aquascaping hobbyist. An aquascape creator can conceptualize anything from a meadow to mountain very easily. Aquarium hobbyists in south Indian cities follow either Dutch or Japanese aquarium style.
Aquascaping is more than creating miniature landscape for Chennai citizens and it is very close to their heart. As more urban residents in India switch their hobby to aquascape, it testifies the popularity gained over years. More and more aqua stores are mushrooming in different parts of Chennai conurbation and Aqua Designs based in north Chennai is a prominent one. Stores like Aqua Designs will make driftwood, cave and rock gardens to their customers at cost effective price tags. Before a decade, aquascaping was out of reach of common man in Chennai because the costs involved were too high.
Via [Times of India]


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