History of Public Aquariums


Public aquarium is an aquatic division of a zoo which houses living aquatic animal and plant specimens. The first public aquarium was established in the year 1853 in London Zoo. Barnum’s American Museum is the first public aquarium in United States of America. Earlier list of public aquariums in Europe include Jardind’Acclimatation in Paris, Viennese Aquarium salon, Berlin aquarium and Brighton marine exhibition center. Artis aquarium in Amsterdam zoo was constructed in 1882 and was renovated in 1997. During the end of 19th century, Artis aquarium came to be known as a state of the art facility. After the setting up of National Aquarium in Washington DC, many aquariums were established in different metros of the country such as San Francisco, Detroit, Philadelphia, and Chicago.
As per available information, the first aquarium in Japan was established in the year 1882. Almost all public aquariums based in USA featured entertainment and aquatic circus exhibits during 1960s. It is to be mentioned that major public aquariums in the world are located very near to oceans. In the 1870s, there was a boom in the development of public aquariums in United Kingdom. Most prominent public aquariums in England are The National Aquarium, Sea Life London Aquarium, Lakes aquarium, Tower aquarium, Blue Planet Aquarium, and Bristol aquarium.
Via [The Aquarist List]


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