Recently Arrived Sea Otter Dies in Copenhagen Zoo


A newly arrived sea otter named Lora has died at Den Bla Planet, a zoo located in suburbs of Denmark capital Copenhagen. Its death happened only few weeks after being transferred from Alaska Sea Life Centre. It is reported that Lora along with two other animals of the same species had been suffering from tiredness. Bowel obstruction is cited as the reason behind the death of sea otter Lora. According to Copenhagen zoo officials, remaining two sea otters are in good physical condition. Arrival of marine mammals into Copenhagen zoo got great news value as it is the only place in Europe apart from Lisbon aquarium which features this rare species.
Den Bla Planet zookeeper told local newspaper that staff at the aquarium had concerned about the physical condition of otter. General anesthetic inspection did not detect any physical abnormality in sea otter. After the inspection, the otter died on previous Saturday bemoaning animal lovers of Copenhagen. In the meantime, Copenhagen zoo will be sending its two Amur leopards to United States of America as a part of breeding program. Catfish, anaconda, piranha, dwarf crocodiles, village weaver birds and archerfish are some of the rare species varieties portrayed in Den Bla Planet.
Via [The Copenhagen Post]




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