Brief Introduction to Marine Planted Tanks


Most aquarium hobbyists consider a splendid looking reef tank as a zenith of excellence in their hobby. However, marine planted and macro algae tanks are very common in aquarium hobby. A marine planted tank is an essential ingredient for success in long term aquarium hobby. If maintenance of planted tanks is not properly done, its inhabitants will suffer. Water change is the most important measure to keep marine planted tanks in good condition. In large planted tanks with high evaporation rates, biweekly water changes are suggested. Sediment and organic material from a planted tank can be removed by natural means or manual removal.
Many beneficial invertebrates can be added to a marine planted aquarium. Worms, amphipods, sea cucumbers, hermit crabs and snails will provide natural way of removing sediment from planted tank. Aquarists use a small pump to create miniature storms within the tank. Maintenance in a planted aquarium is concentrated on the plants themselves. Caulerpa is a fast growing algae grown in many tanks and it needs regular pruning. Diversity in marine planted tanks is at an all time high, says people engaged in aquarium hobby. They recognize that planted tanks are compellingly beautiful and fascinating. Planted aquariums are carefully designed and maintained to grow lush water aquarium plants.
Via [Reef Hobbyist Magazine]


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