Best Gourami for Aquarium


Gourami is considered as the perfect addition for community fish tanks and home aquaria. Belonging to the species osphronemidae, Gourami has modified pectoral fins. Captivating appearance makes Gourami very popular among aquarium hobby enthusiasts. Honey Gourami, sparkling Gourami, and croaking Gourami are the most popular types of Gourami available in the market. Sparkling Gourami is a wonderful aquarium choice and they require soft water to grow. They are quite fine for nano community fish due to timid nature. As sparkling Gourami are well planted and under stocked, they are highly preferred by aquarium hobbyists all over the globe. Honey Gourami is a relatively small Gourami growing to only five centimeters in length. They are available in a wide variety of color formats ranging from sunset orange to light yellow.
Male honey Gourami sport a bright sunshine yellow on the dorsal and anal fin. Croaking Gourami reaches a total length of seven centimeters. Chocolate brown color makes them absolutely pretty, stunning, and a matter of visual aesthetic sense. Coloration and adaptability differentiates croaking Gourami from other types of Gourami. They are native to water bodies of South East Asia and are distributed worldwide through aquarium hobby. Iris of croaking Gourami is either bright blue or purple.
Via [The Fish Hobbyist Magazine]



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