Idea behind Aquarium Automation


An aquarium automation system can be used to work as a template, make modifications to an already existing aquarium. Lighting control and circulation pump control are the basic things to be considered before setting up an aquarium automation system. Aquarium lighting control can be classified as basic, intermediate and described. Most basic aquarium automation systems of contemporary age use metal halides for lighting. Alarms installed in temperature control system are powerful and users can get alerts through email and sms. Some of the aquarium alarm systems are equipped with Wi-Fi connection and SMTP email server. Season table is a nice feature of aquarium automation system. Controller of aquarium automation can slightly adjust duration of the light cycle using season table.
As two heater outlets of automation system are programmed in the same way, they turn off and turn on together. There will be an automatic fish feeder in many prominent automation systems. Different switch types available in an aquarium automation system include simple float, optic level sensor, pressure switches and ultrasonic level switches. Automation arrangement will definitely benefit from a consistent light schedule. A natural dawn to dusk effect can be created using actinic bulbs in aquarium automation structure. A single stage controller is capable of controlling either heating or cooling.
Via [Reef Hobbyist Magazine]


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