biorb Cube is a simple, clean design


OASE has brought some interesting aquariums to market over the years and the biOrb Cube may just be one of the most unassuming with clean lines and modern technology together for an customizable aquarium experience.

The new biorb cube can be ordered with multicolor LED lights that are controlled with a remote control in any of the 16 preset colors, or you can gently fade through the entire spectrum. If the disco effect isn’t your thing, you can also opt for more traditional dawn-to-dusk timed cycles for a more natural scene.

The aquarium is made from acrylic with a transparency rating of 93 percent and features biological, chemical and mechanical filtration in a concealed filter that sits on the bed.

The biorb Cube is available in clear, white or black accents in 30 and 60 liter versions. Each includes a 12v transformer, air pump, ceramic media, an air stone, filter cartridge, water conditioner, beneficial bacteria liquid and sample fish food.

The biorb Cube 30 retails for £219.99 and the biorb Cube 60 retails for £299.99


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