Hikari Tropical Vibra Bites are designed to mimic live food, boost coloration


The new Hikari Tropical Vibra Bites is a food designed to boost coloration in tropical fish and were designed to mimic live food, but in a convenient dry food.

The color-enhancing aspect is worth noting in itself and from looking at the video below, the results are pretty impressive in the pearl gouramis, pigeon blood discus and red phantom tetras. But the real impressive part is the way the food mimics live or frozen food like bloodworms.

The Hikari Tropical Vibra Bites are shaped like small sticks that moves and slowly sinking through the water column just like live food would. The nice part is not having to deal with live food like bacteria or parasites, while providing a realistic meal for fish like gouramis and discuss.

The new food includes mealworms and “other carefully selected and tasty ingredients” that seem to work pretty well. It might be worth giving these a try. They come in three sizes, 1.23oz (35g), 2.57oz (73g) and
9.8oz (280g) and should be available at retailers shortly.


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