sera Nature is a new line of natural foods minus dyes and preservatives


sera unveiled its sera Nature line of foods at Interzoo 2018, that are free from dyes and preservatives. The line of six flake food also tap into natural and important ingredients such as insect meal.

Better food means healthier fish and better water quality as it helps with digestion, reducing the amount of food waste that pollutes the water. The sera Nature line include vital natural ingredients like vitamins, pigments, antioxidants, complex secondary plant substances as well as prebiotics and probiotics. Substances like astaxanthin, a key component in Haematococcus algae, are natural antioxidants that also enhance fertility and immune system support while also boosting coloration.

The new sera Nature food range — sera Vipan Nature, San Nature, Flora Nature, Goldy Nature, GVG-Mix Nature and marin GVG-Mix Nature — are based on the compositions of their namesakes, like sera Vipan, however they are enriched with other high quality natural ingredients.

Both Vipan Nature and Goldy Nature contain insect meal from soldier flies (Hermetia illucens) that are protein-rich and easily digestible. Others like the GVG-Mix Nature, marin GVG-Mix Nature and San Nature use krill rich in carotenoids for a natural color development. Both GVG-Mix Nature and marin GVG-Mix Nature are rich in natural minerals and trace elements like iodine, that also enhance the health and the fertility.

Flora Nature herbal food uses spirulina algae a kind of aquarium of “super food” increase coloration and are a source of herbal protein, omega fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Expect the new sera Nature foods to be available in the next few months.


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