sera adds two new products for natural water care


sera is adding two new products, sera Catappa Leaves and sera Alder Cones, to their water care range that are both natural ways to enhance aquarium water. Both are sustainably grown and guaranteed pesticide free to allow you to immediately add to the aquarium.

sera’s Catappa Leaves, also known as tropical almond leaves, come in three sizes and contain humic and tannic substances that are natural water conditioners. They also support the natural behavior and spawning in ornamental fish and shrimps. They also help prevent infections by bacteria and fungi, and have so-called astringent properties to heal wounds quickly.

Just drop the Catappa Leaves in the tank and let them go to work naturally. They typically sink withing 24-48 hours
and begin releasing their active substances within 2-3 weeks. The leaves also provide a natural food source for shrimp, crustaceans and catfish.

The sera alder cones also contain humic and tannic substances and help lower the pH value (make sure to watch the pH parameters in case they drop too low). Alder cones also add a tint the water giving you a natural black water look that is more in line with the natural many fish.

Using the alder cones is as simple as dropping them into the aquarium at one cone per each 10 liters of water and can be increased to one cone per liter to treat bacteria and infections.

sera natural water treatmen


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