There’s a new color Long-Fin Tetra GloFIsh


GloFish just added another color to its line of long-fin tetras with Starfire Red making it five color options that are available.

If you recall, Tetra just announced the GloFish long-fin tetras in April 2018, where you had four colors to choose from: Electric Green, Sunburst Orange, Moonrise Pink and Galactic Purple. Now, the only color that is missing is the Cosmic Blue.

Tetra’s GloFish are flexible, so whether you’re looking to do a complete aquarium full of GloFish or are wanting to add just a pop of color to regular fish, the Glofish are a good option. Despite their color, the GloFish will share the same manerisms and behaviors as their regular counterparts.

Just keep in mind if you have some notorious fin nippers in your tank, they may try and nibble on these fishes longer fins.



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