Cobalt Aquatics Li-Ion Air Pumps Recharge Over USB


Cobalt Aquatics is launching three lithium-ion powered air pumps including one with a battery backup. The three pumps will be charged with a USB plug, compatible with a computer USB port or any USB charging plug and are quiet and powerful enough to use everyday.

The exciting pump is the Cobalt USB Rescue Air that can operate in a constant flow mode and an alternating mode that cycles 10 second on, 10 second off. The sweet part about this is it features an rechargeable li-ion battery and a backup battery pack. With the battery pack, you’ll get up to 72 hours of operation in alternating mode.

There are also two standard Cobalt USB li-ion pumps in one line that features a single and a double port model In continuous mode, you’ll get about 16 hours of operations and in alternating mode, you’ll see somewhere between 24-28 hours.

A big selling point with this is you can use it as an everyday pump and when it detects a power outage, it will kick into battery mode. When the power comes back on, the pump reverts back to line power and recharges the battery.

This is great as you don’t have to worry about having D-cell batteries on hand or having to manually switch these on. If you’re away from home when the power goes out, this can be the difference between keeping things alive or suffering a catastrophic loss. Since they are quiet and powerful, you won’t have to compromise security for performance.

The new Rescue Air pump with USB retails for just under $50.


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