If you need precision measurements, try a digital spoon


There are times where you might need to measure something by weight in a small amount and busting out a scale just seems so blah…this is where a digital spoon comes in. We’ve seen these from AquaMedic and Seachem and they are quite handy.

The premise is simple. The spoon actually has an integrated scale system that can measure a surprisingly large amount (for a spoon). The Seachem Digital spoon can measure up to 300g in 0.1 increments.

Seachem also has a LCD display to show results in either grams or ounces. This can even be switched with the push of a button, is corrosion resistant and colored to resist stains.

The nice thing about the spoon is the ability to either measure dry or liquid supplements or chemicals pretty easily. Plus they really don’t break the bank. Seachem offers theirs for around $20 but you can also get cheaper “kitchen” spoons online. They may not last as long, but it is always an option.


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