CaribSea Samurai Soil for planted and shrimp tanks


CaribSea Samurai Soil is designed exclusively for tanks with shrimp and live plants. Samurai Soil hits all the right pH and mineral requirements of these sensitive critters and plants.

The company states this product won’t turn muddy, compact or crumble like some other types of substrates. CaribSea also spiked it with its Flora-Spore additive that includes mycorrhizal fungi, that is linked to enhances root development. It also includes other biological additives to help with cycling and establishing a bacterial filter.

CaribSea Samuarai Soil is a relatively new product and some early reviews do note it has a red color that may wash out red fish, shrimp or plants. For aquascaping it seems to take the plants well and stay in place. One other knock was the look of the beads, with some wanting something more natural.

Overall, if you have tried shrimp or plants and had difficulty with previous substrates, you might want to give this a try. A 9 lb. container retails around $18 or so.


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