Tropical Soft Line Africa Carnivore


Tropical Soft Line Africa Carnivore is a sinking chip food for your carnivorous and omnivorous African cichlids. You can guess by the name this food is soft vs. flake or hard pellet foods.

Designed for the fish that eat meat, Tropical Soft Line Africa Carnivore uses herring and insects to deliver high quality-protein and polyunsaturated fatty acids. On top of this, it also contains invertebrates like shrimp meal, krill meal and calanus meal – also noted for protein, minerals and vitamins.

The food also contains contains garlic and wheat germ. The food also claims to increase coloration, overall health and encourages spawning.

Online review seem favorable and these foods are starting to make their way deeper into the overall US market. A 1.83 oz. container retails around $15 USD and a 4.9 oz. container retails around $25 USD.


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