New Life Spectrum food made some interesting changes recently


Last year New Life Spectrum announced it was making some changes to its food and for those of you were wondering what was new and what exactly New Life Spectrum Naturox series was, we have an answer. In this video released recently, the company discusses the changes.

First off? Squid. They added squid along with whole antarctic krill for both the high protein content, rich omega-3 and no bones to content with.

Another positive change was to cut down on starch by using bentonite clay as a binder. Besides cutting down on starches, bentonite clay has been used in aquariums and koi ponds for its other benefits. The levels are probably too low for this type of dosing, but good to know they made this switch. Additionally, they added ginger along with garlic to boost immunity and overall health of fish.

Probably the biggest change is the switch to naturox, a natural plant-based preservative. This replaces ethoxyquin that has a controversial reputation in the pet food industry because of its use in making rubber and some pesticides. Although the company notes ethoxyquin is considered safe by the FDA, going natural just gives great peace of mind. You can even read their study on naturox if you are interested.


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