Ditch the batteries with Fluval ProVac handheld gravel cleaner


The Fluval ProVac handheld gravel cleaner ditches batteries for a power cord, helping deliver more power for longer without draining batteries.

Battery operated gravel cleaners are handy for quick cleanups, especially snagging detritus from smaller tanks, but running on batteries means there usually isn’t much power or longevity — despite advertising 3-4 hours of use.

The Fluval ProVac may require plugging in, but it also ensures you have enough juice and power to get the job done. The nice thing about tools like this, is it doesn’t require much effort and eliminates having to do a water change with a traditional siphon. Hopefully the convenience means you’ll take more time to get rid of waste that causes water issues before its an issue.

Like other handhelds, the water is drawn up the filter stick and through a dual-density mesh filter chamber and back out into the aquarium. There is also an LED light to help you spot the waste, which is super handy when you either remove the light or it gets blocked while cleaning.

However, convenience isn’t cheap. The Fluval ProVac retails right around $70, about $20-$30 more than its own battery powered cleaner and other competitors.


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