GloFish adds long-fin Tetras in four colors


Tetra just introduced its latest addition to the GloFish family with long-fin tetras that come in four stunning colors — Electric Green,  Sunburst Orange, Moonrise Pink and Galactic Purple.

Unlike colorful fish from the past that actually were injected, painted or dyed to provide the added flair, GloFish are genetically modified to fluoresce. The company continues to add more fish to the line including the rainbow shark.

As these fish are designed for community tanks and easy integration and care, the long-fin tetra are good options to mix with your other GloFish or other community fish.

GloFish are no different behaviorally than the other long-fin tetras. Since these fish have long fins, if you are adding this to a community tank, make sure you don’t have fish that are bad at nipping fins.

Overall feeding and care will be the same as other fish. We expect these should be available at your GloFish retailers soon.


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