Aqueon Forge metal aquarium stands are a step back in time

aqueon forge aquarium stand

My first memory of an aquarium was a 10 gallon tank my Dad had in our kitchen with guppies sitting on a metal stand. When I saw these Aqueon Forge aquarium stands, I immediately thought back to that memory.

Although the original stand was more simple, we’ve come accustomed to furniture style cabinets, but this simple stand is a nice look. There are reversible wood panels (either light or dark) that add another touch, and each aquarium stand is equipped with a bottom shelf that can be utilized for a second tank or to showcase home décor.

The center wood panel flips upward for easy access to the bottom shelf if you have a larger aquarium. The stand itself is powder-coated steel to help prevent rust.

There are five size options, three for 24 in. wide tanks (a 24 x 8 in., a 24 x 10 in., and 24 x 12 in.) and two for 30 in. wide tanks (30 x 8 in. and 30 x 12 in.). The stands retail for around $75 and up.


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