ADA launches Power Sand Basic and Power Sand Advance

ADA power sand

ADA is replacing two of its planted layout substrate additives, Power Sand and Power Sand Special,
with two new products — ADA Power Sand Basic and ADA Power Sand Advance.

Power Sand Basic takes over for Power Sand and is a combination of porous materials with organic nutrients and delayed-release inorganic nutrients. Plus its spiked with ADA’s Bacter 100, a substrate additive that has more than 100 kinds of bacteria, and Clear Super that helps the growth of microorganisms. ADA Power Sand Basic comes in a i liter bag.

The other shift is Power Sand Advance taking over for Power Sand Special. This version has way more nutrients than Power Sand Basic. On top of Bacter 100 and and Clear Super, it contains BC powder (bamboo charcoal powder), which helps encourage the growth of plants. There are three granule sizes available — small, medium or large — in 2 liter or 6 liter bags.

Pricing should be similar to the previous products and since the announcement was just made, we expect to see this shipping soon.


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