BetterBoxFilter takes on the corner filter


The SwissTropicals BetterBoxFilter is literally just that — a better corner box filter. While we have lots of cool new technology, sometimes the simple box filter is the best option for budget systems or if you’re housing slow-moving animals.

But there were drawbacks to the box filter that SwissTropicals went out to solve. First off was the ability to use specialty media such as carbon, peat, various bio media, or buffering stones. While you can use these in some filters, the flow through them is not always optimal.

The BetterBoxFilter is a simple filter with minimal parts. It is merely a molded black food-grade polypropylene box, combined with a custom-made jetlifter, and foam for a simple 3-piece filter with no moving parts. The filter is air-driven and will move around 200 lph of water with about 50 lph of air.

The BetterBoxFilter can also be filled with various filter media and can be used in tanks from 10 to 150 gallons (depending on your bio-load of course!). They recommend is can be used solo for tanks up to 30 gallons and combined with other filters, will work for specific functions in larger tanks.

The BetterBoxFilter starts at $32 and can be purchased direct from SwissTropicals.


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