Seachem Cuprisorb helps eliminate heavy metals

Seachem Cuprisorb

Seachem Cuprisorb is a chemical filtration media that will remove copper and other heavy metals from your aquarium water and is safe to use while your fish are in the aquarium.

Cuprsorb is useful if you have medicated with a copper based medication, like Seachem Cuprine, and need to get the copper out of the water quickly and permanently.

Copper-based medicines are quite useful to treat external parasites like Oodinium, Cryptocaryon, Amyloodinium, Ichthyophthirius, and others, in small doses. But the downside is it can be lethal in larger doses and to invertebrates like shrimp.

With Cuprisorb, you just add it to the filtration chamber and pull out the heavy metal! You’ll know it is exhausted when it turns a dark blue or black in color.


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