AquaEl LEDdy Slim Duo Sunny & Plant

aquael LEDDY slim duo

The AquaEl LEDdy Slim Duo Sunny & Plant is a small light perfect for a a planted or shrimp nano tank. The LEDdy Slim Duo is a small strip light that clips on to the tank with a matching holder.

The small light has a sleek and modern design and features two strips of LED. The 10W light is evenly split with a row of 6,500K daylight LEDs at 5W and a row of 8,000K LEDs perfect for plants also pushing out 5W.

AquaEl LEDdy Slim Duo Sunny & Plant led distribution

The light housing is aluminum measures around 23cm x 6cm and is available in white or what appears to be a graphite color. The light can be extended on the mounting bracket to center it on the tank.

The only thing that wasn’t clear from the product description and what we saw online, was whether there are two controllable channels. The lights are available in Europe and run around 65 Euro (about $80 USD).

Not a bad price but without two channel control, it would be a bit limited for automation having to settle with an all or none approach if you used a timer.


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