Lifegard debuts new Pro-MAX UV Sterilizer


The new Lifegard Pro-MAX UV Sterilizer is a unique design that is a little bit different from other ultraviolet sterilizers out there on the market today.

First off, a little refresher on why use UV sterilization. Water is passed through UV lighting that helps stop the spread of microorganisms in the aquarium that is passed on through the water and can also control free floating algae (those dreaded green water blooms!). These free-floating microorganisms are killed by the UV light.

The new Lifegard Pro-MAX UV Sterilizer stands out primarily in the way its plumbed. While there are inline UV sterilizers, most use a 90 degree fitting that is perpendicular to the UV tube. So water comes in after taking a sharp turn, through the UV light and then out the bottom or in and out through the top by another 90 degree bend.

The Pro-MAX UV Sterilizer uses 45 degree plumbing to ease the water down and over the UV light. This makes the design flow (no pun intended) with the line of plumbing. Theoretically will help cut down on space and installation headaches.

To make bulb maintenance a snap, the Pro Max UV Sterilizer features a countdown clock to show how many hours you’ve used the lamp so no more guessing when its time to change the lamps.

While these aren’t designed for small setups, if you have a large aquarium, commercial system or pond and need UV, then check this out. They are available with a 3 in. diameter housing in 25, 40, 55, 90 and 120 Watt models and 5 in. diameter in 55, 90 and 120 Watt sizes. Each Pro-MAX comes with a high-output UV bulb, internal protective sleeve, and UL listed ballast which counts down the number of days until you need to replace the bulb. The Pro-MAX ranges in price from around $240 to $680 USD.


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