New Tetra Goldfish Program includes aquarium kits, water care, foods and info to simplify keeping these fish


The Tetra Goldfish Program is a effort to make understanding and keeping goldfish easier for hobbyists. Don’t be fooled with thinking about goldfish as those cheap fish kids get as prizes or feeder fish for larger carnivorous species — there are some beautiful (and strange) goldfish that make keeping them interesting.

The program begins with a Goldfish portal page with background information about the fish, the types of goldfish, and of course, Tetra’s products available for your goldfish. The company has also expanded out pages for other fish that help us learn more about the different breeds, personalities, equipment and products they need.

There are also new lines of Tetra Goldfish LED aquarium kits in 10 and 20 gallon sizes that have all the things you need to get started with goldfish. They are very similar to the other kits, but has food and water conditioners designed with the goldfish in mind.

As mentioned with the kits are goldfish-specific food and water conditioners. The food is designed for the goldfish diet that can be a bit different than other fish. Also, the water quality needs for goldfish can vary, so these products have the goldfish keeper in mind. If you plan on housing other fish than goldfish, you may want to check to see what the diet and water needs are beforehand — proper planning is always essential to long-term success!

Having initial success with your fish is key to being in the hobby a long time and Tetra is doing its part to simplify getting started.


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