Fluval Plant LED Nano Aquarium Light


The Fluval Plant LED Nano Aquarium Light is a 15W clip on light that is designed to be operated exclusively via the free FluvalSmart App on your smartphone. The light itself is geared to hit the right spectrum for lush plant growth and a pleasing look.

This small, powerful, light is German-engineered with a bright 7500K LED lamp offers that is a great upgrade for your nano and desktop aquariums.

The app lets you take advantage of a programmable, gradual 24-hour light cycle with your typical features — sunrise, midday, sunset/dusk, and night — for a healthier, more realistic light program.

Plus there is fully independent color control on six channels to suit your specific color needs and give you a light spectrum. Also to get you started it comes with three pre-set light configurations – Lake Malawi, Tropical, or Planted

The Fluval Plant LED Nano Aquarium Light is made of High Luminous Efficiency (HLE) LEDs that offer improved light output and spectral quality while consuming the same power as before. HLE LEDs also feature a fully encased aluminum shell that keeps them cool to the touch and safer from water intrusion and humidity (IP67 waterproof rating). Each LED on the chip has 120° of illumination for wider, deeper, more uniform coverage without dead spots.

The Fluval Plant LED Nano Aquarium Light measures 5 in. x 5 in. with 63 LEDs on the chip pushing out 1,000 lumens. The lamp retails under $90.


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