Aqueon Shrimp Pellets are a treat for your bottom dwellers


The new Aqueon Shrimp Pellets are a sinking food for loaches, catfish, and other bottom-feeding fish. The pellets are designed to be tasty with premium ingredients to attract fish, support a healthy immune system, bring out fishes’ true colors, and provide the essentials for proper growth and vitality.

Aqueon Shrimp Pellets also contain added vitamins, minerals, and trace ingredients to support overall health and help your fish thrive. These tasty, sinking fish food pellets are formulated so fish use more of what they eat and create less waste. When fed as directed, Aqueon Shrimp Pellets will not cloud water.

You can grab a 6.5 oz. container for around $3 from your favorite retailer to give it a go and see if you fish react well to this new food.


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