Sweep the snails away with Dennerle SnailCatcher


Snails may look like a helpful addition to your aquarium, but the problem is they like to breed — fast! The Dennerle SnailCatcher is an easy way to sweep these nuisance snails off your aquarium walls.

Snails often come along as hitchhikers on live plants and feed on algae, fish waste and uneaten food. Sure getting rid of algae is great, but they will continue to multiply to the point where they’ll take over your tank. There are a few different ways to get rid of snails in the aquarium, from trapping to adding predators, but it most likely will take a combination of methods to get things in check.

The Dennerle SnailCatcher is a rolling snail retrieval tool with a telescoping handle to make it easier to catch the snails. At the end of the handle is the catcher which looks like a silicon rubber sweeper — similar to a manual vacuum — that plucks the snails off the glass and catches them in a holding area. The catcher swivels, about 90 degrees or so, allowing you to better guide the tool along the glass.

Once you’re done, just empty the collection bin and store the tool. Keeping this up daily (or a few times a day if you have a real problem) along with a snail trap should help rid your tank of unwanted snails.



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