Sera O-Nip press on tabs


For anyone that’s seen new fish foods that you stick on the glass to watch your fish pluck away at the food, these aren’t entirely “new”. As they say, everything old is new again and the stick-on food trend was originally started by the Sera O-Nip Treat Tablet line.

Sera knew a good thing years ago and combined their use of quality food with a novel way to feed. They take “irresistible delicacies” like bloodworms, gammarus shrimp, tubifex worms, and more, then compress it all into tablet form. You just dip the Sera O-Nip Treat Tablets in the water and gently press against the glass of the aquarium, then sit back and watch your fish nibble away.

Unlike some of the newer pastes and gels, there is no mixing or cooking involved — just pop one out and stick it on!

In fact, if you read the reviews, hobbyists get a great feeding reaction from even the most timid of feeders. Since it doesn’t dissolve fast, it is also a great bait for snail traps.

A 24-tab container runs around $4 or less, a 100-tab container runs around $12 and a 200-tab can runs around $22.


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