Ocean Nutrition Cichlid food options


Most of the food available today is high-quality and nutritious, but since our finned friends have a variety of needs, a “one food for all” approach isn’t the best long-term strategy. Case in point with cichlids and if you’re looking for some quality food options designed for these fish, check out two options from Ocean Nutrition — Cichlid Omni Pellets and Cichlid Vegi Pellets.

Cichlids in the wild in South America and Africa are accustomed to eating what is around them and some herbivores (like Lake Mbuna cichlids) have specialized intestinal tracts and if they aren’t fed the proper food, it can result in health issues.

The Ocean Nutrition Omni pellets are designed for the omnivore requirements of carnivorous and omnivorous cichlids. The Ocean Nutrition Vegi pellets are a great option for both herbivorous and omnivorous cichlids.

The soft pellets will sink, without clouding up the water, letting it mix in with the water allowing all the cichlids to get a nibble in. They come in both small 1.2mm and medium 3.1mm pellet sizes in 7 oz. containers. The company recommends the medium size pellets for fish from 4 in. and up. If flake food is more your style, they also come in 2.5 oz. containers of flake food. They typically retail for under $5 and are highly rated by fellow hobbyists.

Mixing both up is a great option if you have omnivore and herbivore cichlids and the Vegi pellets are a great option if you keep Lake Mbuna cichlids.





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