Repashy Superfoods Soilent Green is made for algae eaters


Repashy Superfoods Solitent Green isn’t humans like the movie, nor is it biohacking foods from Silicon Valley, it is however a good gel food for your algae-loving fish.

As the company notes, its designed to meet the nutritional needs of fish,that eat aufwuchs ―or algae and small organisms. The food is heavy on spirulina and algae meal, protein from insect meal and rice protein, plus essential vitamins, antioxidants and minerals.

According to the literature, its made from more than one algae and plant source, along with alfalfa, stinging nettle, kelp and botanicals for a boost of flavor and nutrition.

They instruction call for you to cook it with water — either adding the powder to water and microwaving it or adding the powder to boiling water. In an hour you’ll have the gel food you can just cut up and feed. Once cooked, can store sealed in refrigerator for up to two weeks, and in freezer for up to six months.

A 3 oz. bottle retails for $9.99


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