Aquatop Forza Series UV Canister Filters add UV sterilization to filtration


The Aquatop Forza Series UV Canister Filters add UV Sterilization to filtration to help keep water clean and clear. There are other canister fitlers that add a UV Sterilizer to it, in fact we covered the SunSun version last year.

The Aquatop Forza series comes in three sized and uses your standard three-stage filtration, a mechanical stage with a sponge to remove large particles, a chemical stage using carbon to absorb dissolved particles and pollutants and a biological stage using bio balls or another material to foster bacterial growth.

One selling point for these is their patented EZ Prime system that lets you prime the filter with one pump to get it working right away. Another additional features are an optional intake surface skimmer, a recessed handle for easy lifting, a protective cover for the UV switch, and a color-coded quick disconnect valve that makes it easy to tell inlet from outlet.

To keep things safer, the UV sterilizer shuts off automatically should the canister move 30° in any direction

The smallest filter is the Forza FZ7 that is designed for tanks from 60-90 gallons and uses a 20W pump delivering 295 GPH of circulation power. It also has a 7W UV sterilizer.

The Forza FZ9 delivers 450GPH from a 30W pump and is rated for 90-125 gallon systems. It features a 9W UV sterilizer.


The largest is the FZ13 driving 550GPH from a 45W pump and is designed for tanks ranging from 125-175 gallons. This one has a 13W UV sterilizer.

As we mentioned with the SunSun, these are about half the cost of systems from Fluval or Hagen, but may not be as quiet or perform as well. Reviews online are often mixed, but if you are on a budget, this is a good option. The Aquatop Forza ranges in price from $129.99 to $239.99.



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