Tetra Pro Cory Wafers are a great treat for your bottom feeders


You may find it hard to find one food to feed everything in your tank, especially if you have bottom feeders. Tetra Pro Cory Wafers make sure your cory catfish, loaches and other omnivore bottom dwellers have a nutritionally complete daily meal.

These 2-in-1 sinking wafers go right to the bottom to give a plant-based food that also features a shrimp-enriched core. Nearly 50% of the wafer contains crude protein and is loaded immune-boosting nutrients.

The only downside may be, they are big and maybe meant to be a community meal. Each wafer is around 16-19mm in diameter and about 4mm thick. Tetra also calls this a clear water formula, which helps it from dissolving too quickly. They do come in a resealable bag in 2.12 oz. and 5.29 oz. versions that retail for around $5.99 and $9.99 respectively.


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