Get your little ones hooked with Tetra’s “My First Aquarium”


Many of us got our start in the hobby from childhood and while it can be a bit expensive to go all out for a system, only to find your kids lose interest, Tetra’s My First Aquarium is a good option to get started without breaking the bank.

This perfect starter kit is an 18 liter glass aquarium (just under 5 US gallons) that has everything you’ll need to get started including the tank, fun background, a fake plant, gravel, light and lid, and Tetra EasyCrystal filter with two cartridges.

It also includes a guide to keeping an aquarium designed for kids and features samples of with TetraMin food and Tetra AquaSafe water conditioner to get you started. The only think you may need is a small aquarium heater if you plan on keeping tropical fish.

Tetra’s “My First Aquarium” is available in the UK and retails for around £34.99.




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