Neo Air Aquarium Air Pump Mini and Midi


The Neo Air Aquarium Air Pump Mini by the UK’s interpret aquatics is a small, quiet and discreet air pump for small or nano aquariums and anyplace you need to add a little bit of air to your water.

The Neo Air Mini gives you air without a diaphragm, which is pretty cool, by using ‘electrical oscillation technology’ for ultra quiet and maintenance free pump. In fact, it can drive a 1 x 1 in. airstone while being able to tuck it away out of the way.

There are multiple ways to mount these. You can tuck them away inside an quarium cabinet, stuck to the side of the glass or acrylic with a suction cup or just placed out in the open. They are pretty small, and modern looking, unlike the traditional air pumps making it a good option for small, modern cubes.

These are available in the UK and we’re hoping to see them in North America shortly. They are available in two sizes, the Mini for tanks up to 25 liters and the Midi for tanks up to 50 liters and retail for around £17.99 (around $24 USD) for the Mini and £23.99 (around $32 USD) for the Midi.


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