EHEIM aquastyle nano aquarium


The EHEIM aquastyle is a nano aquarium with a simple, streamlined look. The cube-style aquarium holds 9 gallons (35 liters) features rounded corners for a clean look.

Each aquastyle includes an efficient 53 GPH power corner filter and high output PowerLED light. The PowerLED light has 81 LEDs using 7W  that generates 1200 lumens at 6000K to simulate bright daylight, just what you need to put together a fun community tank, planted tank or other biotope.

The kit incluces the aquarium, cover, PowerLED and bracket, corner filter (with sponge and media including Eheim Substrat Pro bio-filter media). The tank measures around measures 14 x 12 x 12 in. high. There is also an optional Aquastyle Stand to tie it all together.

The EHEIM aquastyle retails for around $150 and the stand around $130.




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