Meet the GloFish Sharks


We are truly fascinated with GloFish and were excited to see one of our favorite fish, the Rainbow Shark, gets the “Glo” treatment with two new colors of the same species with the new GloFish Sunburst Orange Shark and Galactic Purple Shark.

They appear to be developed from Modified off of the Rainbow Shark (Epalzeorhynchos frenatum), a species of Southeast Asian freshwater fish that is from the minnow family named for its resemblance to a shark.

These are great fish to add to your other GloFish including the Danios, Tetras and Barbs already in the GloFish family. As bottom feeders, they also add more color to the bottom of the tank.

As with the other GloFish, the care is the same, no special food or treatment is needed, but specially designed lighting make the colors “pop”.


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