JBJ Bottom-Lit Betta Aquarium Review


The JBJ Bottom-Lit Betta aquarium is a neat looking small vessel for betta fish. Its a .75 gallon tank that comes in blue, red, green or black that features a battery operated color-changing LED light in the base.

The light shines up through the tank and is reflected off of clear gem-like acrylic substrate. It also features a curved dome that covers the tank but has some gaps on the side to allow air to flow through.

One nice thing with this tank, is its a thick durable acrylic that is very clear. Unlike other tanks that are a cheap, thin layer of plastic that can easily crack. The LED needs 3 AAA batteries and features a switch to turn it on and off.

We used this one to house a betta for a few weeks before we decided to opt for a larger tank. Overall, this is a cute starter tank, but after a while, you’ll probably want to convert to a larger tank.


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