The Continuum Aquatics AquaBlade is one of the best aquarium scrapers around


Continuum Aquatics AquaBlade is one of the better aquarium scrapers we’ve seen around. To start, the solid carbon fiber handle gives you strength and flex to be able to really leverage it when you are cleaning without breaking or bending like other tools.

Overall, it feels solid and was designed so the plastic handle or any part will not take on water, allowing most of it to roll off rather than creating a wet mess when you pull it out of the tank.

If you have an acrylic tank, you know how easy it can be to scratch and you don’t want to mar the surface when you are cleaning. Continuum uses a polymer blade to prevent this. It is designed to wear away first vs. your acrylic. This means if you are scraping a tough spot, a normal PVC or ABS blade would just scratch the tank, now the blade will give first saving you from some serious “OH *bleep*!” moments. They also feature stainless steel blades for your glass tanks.

Overall a solid product and affordable too — starting out around $11 or so for the smaller handheld versions and around $25-30 for the 35 in. version.


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