Create a unique aquascape with Pisces USA Seiryu aquarium rock


If you are looking to create a unique aquascape but are bored with the typical rocks you see, then check out the Pisces USA Seiryu Aquarium Rock. Designed to build Amano-style aquascapes, the Seiryu Aquarium Rock are hand selected and crafted to mimic miniature rock formations.

Planted Iwagumi aquascapes are breathtaking, but mimicking those rock formations that look as if they are mini mountains can be tough. These rocks take the hassle out of the hunt that are safe for fish, shrimp and most plants.

These are made of natural stones that they state are safe for shrimp and some plants, with minimal changes to your water chemistry. Each 17-pound bag comes with an assortment handpicked and sculpted rocks of assorted sizes and shapes for a unique look.of sizes and shapes for a one-of-a-kind look.

A bag of Pisces USA Seiryu aquarium rock retails for around $40.




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