Fluval Pure M Aquarium and Stand put the lid on filtration


The Fluval Pure M Aquarium and Stand are a unique aquarium that puts the filtration out of sight in the lid for a clean and modern look. The Pure M is a 12-gallon cube that includes an Askoll rolling filtration system to automatically advance the filter media when it becomes clogged.

From what we can gather, it appears as if Fluval has brought in the Askoll line of tanks into its arsenal, since similar tanks from the Italian company have been available for a while. As we mentioned, the rolling filter keeps things clean and does it automatically and signals you when its time to replace the main filter materials.

Overall the tank has a four-stage filter (mechanical, fine, chemical, and biological), and pump that turns the water over six times an hour, and the lighting system under the lid so it doesn’t really obstruct your view.

The Fluval Pure M Aquarium also includes LED lights with programmable timer, Askoll Thermal 100W Heater, and a cable wrap to keep your cables tidy. The aquarium and matching stand are available in red, white, and black high-gloss finishes and retail for around $300.


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