Tetra GloFish Color-Changing Ornaments change color with the right light


Tetra just put out a bunch of GloFish Color-Changing Ornaments for its GloFish aquariums. With a bunch of fun ornaments like a clam, octopus, dragon and coral, the vibrantly colored ornaments also chance colors in “midnight mode” on the GloFish Cycle Lights.

These ornaments are part of the brand’s GloFish color-changing program, which includes a complete line of lights and specially designed décor to add some “Wow!” to the tank.

GloFish weren’t around when I was a kid getting into the hobby and I’d have wanted to get them when I was a kid. They definitely are cool and unique. Although I personally prefer a more natural setting, my 3-year-old daughter just loves seeing these in the store (bonus points because she loves all the other fish too!).

It might be a hard battle between a traditional tank and GloFish as her first tank, and these types of decorations are making it more compelling for getting a GloFish tank.



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