BiOrb Tube aquarium gives you a full 360-degree view


biOrb Tube Aquarium are one of the latest products from OASE Living Water and is exactly what is sounds like — a clear, cylindrical tube aquarium that gives you a 360-degree view of the tank.

The biOrb Tube aquarium is made from acrylic and comes available in black or white trim. The biOrb Tube is a complete aquarium, included in the box is everything you need to get started: tank, light, pump, airstone, filter cartridge, ceramic media, water conditioner and quick-start beneficial bacteria.

It is equipped with a standard white LED with an easy on and off switch or a multicolor remote-controlled LED (MCR) light that can be lit by any of the 16 pre-set colors.

The aquarium is available the biOrb 15, a 4-gallon version that retails for $149 for the white LED and $169 for the MCR version and the biOrb 35, a 9.2-gallon tank that retails for $179 for the white LED or $209 for the MCR version.

[via biOrb]



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